Smart Property Investment Podcast

How this investor pivoted his business to give back to his community.

by Tasha Levy, Smart Property Investment | May 20, 2020

Despite experiencing plenty of financial success as a long-time property investor and ‘serial entrepreneur’, Ian Ugarte found himself feeling deeply unhappy and unsatisfied with his contribution to society. He candidly reveals how a dark time prompted him to overhaul his business model and ultimately, make him the happiest he’s ever been.

Ian joins host Emma Ryan on this episode of The Smart Property Investment Show to outline the mission of his business Small is the New Big, the different investment strategies the organisation offers to its customers, and the advantages of the model from both a financial and community perspective.

He also shares what led to the creation of their 48-hour challenges, how Small is the New Big is faring through a pandemic-stricken property market, and how the business is catering to at-risk and vulnerable people in the midst of COVID-19.

Ian and the team at Small is the New Big is hosting a Positive Cash Flow Webinar on Thursday, 21 May, 2020.