Advocates for Change

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Working with Government organisations; educators; developers; designers; constructors; investors; operators; and service providers, we have identified how to rethink how housing stock is planned and provided for, catering for some of our most vulnerable and needy communities.

We have studied housing policy globally and domestically. We have understood who needs housing stock most. We have looked at the development and operation of housing stock carefully to understand how a greater number of more affordable housing stock can be generated that builds community. We have applied this practice across Australia and have seen the win-win-win it presents for Governments, residents and investors.

By better utilising space in our homes, and enable multiple people (or family units) to share a dwelling, it unlocks a range of very exciting possibilities. People of all ages can embrace living in smaller spaces and shared accommodation. Not only are these properties more accessible and affordable, they bring a sense of community and security that otherwise would not be present. It enables people to remain in their local community in spite of life event or personal circumstances.

We see an important need and opportunity to apply this learning in Australia. The Australian Government can stimulate the delivery of housing that meets the above criteria. Our approach is applying the policies, practices and experiences that we have seen work well across Australia.

We can demonstrate how, with minor amendments of existing Government policies, regulations and standards we can unlock under-utilised stock and maximise undeveloped land for the benefit of your target market segments.