The Australian Housing Initiative’s (AHI) sole purpose is to increase the supply of affordable housing by the private sector to those who need it most.  It is reducing the pressure on government funding by empowering Australians to bring back the genuine connection of community by providing elegant housing diversification.

We're well on our way to reaching our 10 year goal!

To create 1,000,000 self contained homes by 2027


of 1 million

The Australian Housing Initiative was developed to:
  1. Advocate for policy change to improve access to affordable housing in Australia

  2. Empower others on the creation of more affordable housing options

  3. Deliver more affordable housing

The Australian Housing Initiative works across Australia with Government (Federal, State and Local); Industry and Community Groups and the private sector to understand the state of affordability and implement practical solutions in partnership with local communities.

The AHI’s work in Tasmania over the past 18 months is an indicative case study of its purpose, mission and activities.

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