7NEWS: A new idea to ease the city’s homeless crisis

A local real estate expert has come up with a new idea to ease the city’s homeless crisis

7NEWS Gold Cast, November 17, 2020

Inside one of our recent co-living conversions in Coomera QLD, we’ve divided a single family home into smart affordable micro-apartments, perfect for couples and singles. Watch my recent interview with 7NEWS Gold Coast to find out why homelessness experts and I believe this type of housing could help to solve the housing affordability and rental crisis. 

With over 70% of tenants looking for rentals being singles and couples and 70% of available rentals being 3 or 4 bedroom family homes, this strategy just makes sense for owners and renters!

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Want more? Read the full interview below …

Reporter (00:00): This four bedroom home at Upper Coomera is actually four separate homes inside, micro units that can each be rented out individually.

Ian Ugarte (00:09): So each person has their own bathroom, their own sitting area, their own kitchenette and their own bedroom.

Reporter (00:15): Ian Ugarte is a housing expert, advising homeowners on how to diversify their properties. He believes micro units are a solution to the city’s growing rental crisis. They’re much cheaper and singles and couples won’t take up full-sized family homes.

Ian Ugarte (00:31): About 70% of the people that are looking for rentals are either singles or couples. And 70% of the stock available for them to rent is a three, four or five-bedroom house.

Reporter (00:39): It’s estimated 13 million spare bedrooms are unused across the country, while more than 100,000 people are homeless.

Ian Ugarte (00:47): We are walking past homeless people every day, and we don’t know they’re homeless.

Dianne Kozik (00:51): Well, the magic solution is public housing. We need more public housing.

Reporter (00:56): Dianne Kozik runs a homeless charity in Surfers Paradise. Demand for its services has surged by 15% per month since September.

Dianne Kozik (01:05): We’ve seen a lot of people that we’ve never seen before. So it’s been quite interesting. I don’t know where they’re coming from.

Reporter (01:11): Many of the new faces are elderly. The charity is encouraged to see landlords giving micro units a chance.

Dianne Kozik (01:18): Well, more housing, at the end of the day, is the answer.

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